Specialized Mosquito Traps in Tennessee

in 2 care mosquito trapIn addition to barrier spray treatments, we also provide natural mosquito traps that are highly effective at targeting and eliminating mosquitoes.

Our team of entomologists works closely with premier manufacturers to improve the effectiveness of existing and new mosquito control methods. Extensive research and technology have developed impressive natural mosquito traps that play an essential role in targeting egg-laying females, breaking the mosquito life cycle in your yard. We work with the In2Care® mosquito traps — the best mosquito traps we have seen. They not only help to eliminate itching and scratching, but they kill mosquitoes that carry and transmit diseases.

What Are Mosquito Traps, and How Do They Work?

Unlike bug-zappers that use ultraviolet light to lure all flying insects to their death, the best mosquito traps are highly targeted. They are specifically engineered to attract female mosquitoes when they prepare to lay their eggs. The trap provides what appears to be an inviting habitat for egg-laying females. However, it coats the female’s legs and body with a pollen-fine poison that contaminates the water with two potent toxins. The first one is slow-acting, so it allows her to spread the toxin to many other mosquitoes and eggs before she dies. The second toxin kills larvae, but before they die, they emit odors that attract more females to lay their eggs in the trap.

Because these natural mosquito traps are so effective at targeting, attracting, and eliminating these pests, they are also referred to as “mosquito magnet traps.” These traps lure in breeding mosquitoes from a wide radius, helping to cut down on the population of biters in your entire neighborhood.

Mosquito Joe of Northeast Nashville Mosquito Trap Services

Mosquito Joe uses a tailored approach to pest control on your property to eliminate as many mosquitoes as possible. We strategically place traps in specific places around your yard to optimize the coverage. Once in use, they require periodic cleaning and maintenance to remain at peak efficiency. None of this requires effort on your part. Our team of professionals install and maintain the mosquito magnet traps for you. In addition to the traps, we recommend periodic barrier sprays to maximize mosquito control efforts. Then, all you need to do is enjoy your outdoor space!

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